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Kama (Польша)

Kama (Польша)

KAMA Technology was founded in 1989

Our main aim from the very beginning was to provide our customers with the wide range of the highest quality products and services. 

We specialize in production of components for all kinds of window blinds - Venetian blinds, roller blinds, vertical blinds, pleated blinds or mosquito nets to name but a few. 

Moreover, we are also designers and producers of technology for spectrum of blinds systems – from the hardware tools to various parts. 

Owing to our experience and expertise, KAMA Technology is able to deliver even the most sophisticated, custom made project for our customers. Our creativity, know-how and highly skilled manpower, allows us to handle various advanced tasks. Top-of-the-range machinery gives us an ability to conduct diversified projects from the field of metals processing: 

  1. - EDM;
  2. - CNC;
  3. - roll forming of steel sheets;
  4. - grinding works;
  5. - designing and constructing of cutting and punching machines;
  6. - stamping dies;
  7. - injection molds for molding machines; and
  8. - machinery designed for your own specific order!

“When we established KAMA Technology in late 80’s, our desire was to create a company considered by its customers as a reliable and trustworthy partner. Our dream was to build relationships based not only on mutual interests, but also on mutual trust, ultimately allowing us to succeed together. We are interested in delivering some of the highest quality products without compromise. The efforts of our work can be evidenced by testimonials of hundreds satisfied customers of KAMA Technology family.” 

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